Why Flowing Tree Yoga?

I spent many years seeking for balance in my life, thinking that in order to find a place of perfect balance I had to be steady and fixed in one place like a great, strong tree. I believed for many years that if I could simply exercise enough control over my life, I could be perfectly still and rooted and that nothing would throw me off balance. While in Costa Rica at my first yoga training, I was surrounded daily by magnificent trees. I walked to early morning practice in silence through the jungle. After practice I would walk through the tall trees listening to monkeys and birds as I headed to the beach to swim and meditate. Every day, for a month, I walked amongst these wise teachers and from them I learned a beautiful lesson.

When I slowed down enough to notice, I saw sea breezes slowly move the branches. I watched the trees bend gracefully with the wind while the roots remained fixed and solid in the muddy earth. I noticed how strongly their trunks held fast, but without rigidity. I began to understand balance in a whole new way. I realized that to be truly balanced requires rootedness in firm principles, but it also requires the ability to move fluidly with the unexpected elements of life, to flow in the wind. Balance now, for me, is about being fixed and fluid – a flowing tree.

I created Flowing Tree Yoga in the hope that I could share some of my journey with others as a fellow traveler in this exploration of life. I hope to serve as a witness and guide to help you on your own journey to discover those moments for yourself, to find your own flowing tree.

Come and flow with me…