I Hear You, My Sister

I hear you.

You likening today to 9/11.

You asking for anyone who voted for him to never talk to you again.

Your tears.

Your shock.

Your dismay.

I hear you.

I have looked into your eyes and heard the stories of your hurt, your pain, your betrayal, your inability to speak up or get away or change what was happening in the moment.

His disturbing words were more than just words to you, more than someone else’s story, they took you back to that place, the one you have tried over and over to never return to.

You watched the numbers last night, and as they began to build, you saw each one as another endorsement, another reminder, another memory.

I hear you.

Can you take a moment to listen?

He is not him.

The numbers are not him, not all of them.

The country is not filled with hate for you.

There are so many voices in our modern world – the strong, convincing voices of nonstop reporting and social media convinces us that the loud voices are every voice, but there are other voices.

Hatred is howling, kindness is quiet.

Listen for the kindness.

Some fathers are kind.

Some brothers safeguard.

Some husbands are compassionate.

Some sons speak love.

Some teachers share truth.

Some friends stay true.

He is not every man, every man is not him.

Listen for the kindness.

Look for it.

Seek for it.

And if you don’t hear it, are you brave enough to seek it? To allow for the possibility? To see past the numbers to the people, to connection, to the others who may not be who the loud voices tell us they are?

And if you still struggle to see, to hear, to seek, to speak, can you create it?

Do you have a son you can teach and mold and mentor to live in compassion?

Can you look for a father showing kindness to his child? Perhaps acknowledge it to both of them.

Can you think of one man in your life who has shown you kindness? Consider thanking him.

Can you see one leader who shows compassion, patience, or respect? Maybe pray for him?

Can you, for one moment, invite the possibility of compassion from someone who is not him, or the newly elected him? Just allow the possibility to come into your heart?


Breathe again.

I hear you, my sister.

I see you.

I’m sorry you’re hurting.

Listen for the kindness.

It is calling to you from the quiet places.

Turn down the loud, and listen…