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The Solicitude of Suffering

To hold a space for someone else, One must have at some time been held. To witness a release in full presence, One must have experienced being witnessed. To feel love outside of self, One must have been treasured by another. And so it is that our own suffering gives us moments of being held, […]

I Hear You, My Sister

I hear you. You likening today to 9/11. You asking for anyone who voted for him to never talk to you again. Your tears. Your shock. Your dismay. I hear you. I have looked into your eyes and heard the stories of your hurt, your pain, your betrayal, your inability to speak up or get away […]

Supplies for Starting a Yoga Practice

I often receive questions from students and friends about what they need to start practicing yoga. One of the things I have appreciated the most about practicing yoga for so many years is that it takes so little as far as supplies to practice, that you can practice literally anywhere! I’ve done yoga in hotels, […]

Making Space

I have been learning about making space. One year ago today I was in Nebraska. I had sold my beloved home in Ohio, said goodbye to dear friends and left the students and yoga studio where I had taught for five years behind. I was driving into the unknown. I had a road map for […]