Welcome to Flowing Tree Yoga. I am a certified yoga therapist (C-IAYT) who specializes in helping people with chronic pain find hope and healing through the practice of yoga.

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Through my own experiences managing chronic pain associated with a genetic connective tissue disorder, I have learned how easy it can become to allow pain to become your identity. The practice of yoga has allowed me to connect and identify with my deeper, true self that lies beyond the pain. The physical practice of movement through yoga postures has helped me to build balance between my flexibility and strength. Over time, this has contributed to decreased pain levels. Yoga has also helped to regulate my nervous system in order to better tolerate the fluctuations of the pain response. The mental practice of meditation has helped me understand that the pain is not who I am. As I connect with my true self, I have found a deepening sense of gratitude for all the ways my body remains able to serve me. It has helped me come to a sense of peace and acceptance with my unique design.

My deepest desire is to share these tools that have brought me so much peace and hope with others who are struggling with physical, emotional and spiritual pain. I hope you will download the free meditation and start practicing today. Join our online community of support. Read the blog, ask questions, share your journey. As the offerings grow on this site, my hope is that we will all become a help to each other by creating a community of kindness and optimism. You are not your pain. You are not alone. There is hope and healing ahead. I know. I have been there, too.

To better meet the needs of our growing local yoga community, I opened a unique yoga therapy studio on the north side of Spokane.

We are located at 515 W Francis Ave., Suite #6, Spokane WA 99205.

We offer private & group yoga therapy, therapeutic classes & continuing education training for teachers.

Our lovely entrance and waiting area.

Custom yoga practice area for classes and yoga therapy groups.

Kay White

As a student in Anna’s gentle yoga class, I have gained awareness of a new dimension of yoga.

It has always been apparent that yoga contributes to flexibility, strength, and overall health.  However, Anna has a unique approach that enables her to focus on a variety of body functions/dysfunctions from a greater depth of knowledge and understanding.  The result for me has been a remarkable change in the way my body is able to move and respond.

After the first class with her, I recall saying that it felt as if I had just had therapeutic intervention.  She is reassuring, encouraging, and readily adapts to the needs of her clients which she is adept at perceiving.  It is indeed a privilege to receive this unique instruction from her.

Kay WhiteOccupational Therapist
David Bright

Anna is a fantastic instructor. She’s knowledgeable, kind, compassionate, and very encouraging. She works with you at your own pace and level, always inviting you to take that next step when your body is ready. Her instruction helps you to know yourself at a deeper level, so that you can do yoga on your own by simply “listening to what your body tells you.” She literally transformed lives.

David BrightProfessor, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio